What We Do

Advocacy Access is a single point of access for finding advocacy support with issues relating to health and social care. The helpline was launched on 1st April 2013 to help people obtain appropriate, independent, confidential and free advocacy support within Blackpool.

The helpline is staffed by specialist workers trained in advocacy that can help direct people to services that will support them to be heard with any NHS or social care related issue or complaint. A range of support services are available depending on your location and issue.

The single point of access can help you to:

  • save time contacting a number of services before you get through to the right service
  • understand the type of support available and whether it can help you with the issues you want to address
  • make a referral for some services
  • understand whether you have a right to advocacy by law if you lack capacity or have a mental health condition
  • get involved in advocacy through voluntary work or training.